Aart Verheul (Rotterdam, 1962) lives and works in Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands. In 1989 he graduated from the Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Rotterdam, with sculptures and laser printed montages. Affinities: Anselmo, Broodthaers, Bustamante, van Elk, Fabro, G&G, Judd, Kapoor, Lavier, Lichtenstein, McLaren, Pistoletto, Richter, Rist, Suqimoto, Warhol. After some years of working as an artist, Aart wanted to experience life in other ways as well, and worked in various occupations until 2010. In his art awareness of occuring experiences is essential, by innovation and fusion of visual art traditions - pictorial, sculptural and conceptual. Art offers opportunities to just be/see, to wonder, to sense, to associate freely, and to be part of meaning. The artist being a provider of models and structures which are most open to these human qualities.


2015. weekly@malieveld , Malieveld, The Hague,
The Netherlands; Facebook & Website management
SQUARED, EXO Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands;
solo-show. (Photo data sculpture show)
2014. 50 meter FAIR ART, at the entrance of art fair Art The Hague,
The Netherlands; solo-show. (Photo works)
2014. POSTED, Kunstuitleen / Public Library, Rijswijk, The
Netherlands; solo-show. (Postcard sculptures)
2013-2014. weekly@malieveld, Malieveld, The Hague,
The Netherlands; group-shows. (Miscellaneous)
2013. FAIR ART, Kunstrand, Dordrecht, The Netherlands; part of
group-show. (Photo installation/ sketch)
2013. ON EARTH, (at the opening of) restaurant DeSmaak&Zo, Denneweg,
The Hague, The Netherlands; solo-show. (Postcard sculptures)
2013. PERSPECTIVES, Malieveld Pamflet, www.malieveldwerk.nl, The Hague,
The Netherlands; group-show. (Postcard sculptures)
2003. BOTHS, (at the opening of) Nina Haggerty Arts Centre, Edmonton,
Canada; part of group-show; icw Latitude 53. (Photo installation)
1996. LAY OUT, Colorado, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; part of group-show;
icw Centrum Beeldende Kunst. (Photo montages)
1995. FOTOGRAFIEK, SFGalerie, Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, Rotterdam,
The Netherlands; solo-show. (Photo montages, photos)
1994. DIN A0 project, Kunsthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; group-show,
in art fair Galerie 94. (Black and white printed montages)
1994. SHADES OF GREY, commissioned by Sophia Kinderziekenhuis, Rotterdam, for meeting room SK1186. (Sculpture and murals)
1993-1996. Guest teacher artclasses for children, adults and elderly.
1993. UNTITLED, Salle de Bains, Rotterdam, The Netherlands;
group-show. (Installation of photo montages and collages)
1992. ARS REQUIRIT TOTUM HOMINEM, Basalocus, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; solo-show. (Sculptures; wood, glass panes, paint, ink)
1982-1989. Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Rotterdam/ Academy of Visual Arts, Rotterdam. (Drawing, painting, video, mixed media, sculpture)
1980-1982. Vrije Academie, Den Haag/ Free Academy, The Hague, Netherlands
(Drawing, photography, graphic design, silk-screen printing)