The photo works are compositions made of entire/uncut photo shots of found/not-arranged situations. As objects they take sculptural form by the use of inkjet- and laser prints, and various sorts of paper, dibond, wood, plywood e.g.

The postcard sculptures are made of PMMA, laser prints on colotech paper, and coating. The works are solid, easy to handle, and about 2 cm thick.

Postcards were obtained at antiquarian bookshops and during travels. They originate from different countries and from the various decennia of the 20th century, a part of them being over 100 years old. Some postcards have been used, others have never been sent through the mail.

The back of each postcard sculpture shows the images of the original backs of the postcards in the work, as well as the work's title, number, signature, year of origin, and edition number (see images below).