The menu on the left of this website shows galeries with images of photo works and postcard sculptures by Aart Verheul.

The photo works are compositions made of entire/uncut photo shots of found/not-arranged situations. As objects they take sculptural form by the use of inkjet- and laser prints, and various sorts of paper, dibond, wood, plywood e.g.

The postcard sculptures are part of a large series still in progress. About them: 'Postcards can be seen as little popular-art-works in the sense that they present a more or less autonomous image, as a means to divert and communicate. Through the years artists took care of composing these small surfaces, using subjects, styles and techniques in the ways of their time. The selected postcards were recognised as the rich material with which contemporary ideas - about the world, the human condition, and about art - can be expressed. Enlarging them shows delicate detailing; combining them manipulates purpose into meaning. Revealing universal human characteristics as well as an endearing/awkward datedness, the works are diverse in origin and appearance. Old ways of being and viewing conceal sensitivities which may help us deal with today's challenges. Do we recognise past culture as a part of our make-up? In what sense did we forget where we came from? Engage in an individual play, and (r)evaluate your preferences and associations.'

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